SMBR is involved in the following areas:

Le Patrimoine :
Traditional masonry, reinforced concrete and high strength concrete, repair of old concrete and corrosion inhibitor, stone, plaster, stucco, whitewash and painted decoration, shoring work (shrink), drilling in masonry by diamond core and reinforcement by firing, nailing masonry walls by GEWI system, reinforcement of book structure by application of carbon fiber, carpentry, roofing, guttering the ...

L’Atelier :
Painted decoration, gilding, frescoes, sculptures, polychrome stucco ...

La Façade:
The lime wash (we make our coatings), whitewashes, paintings for building, the facade cleaning by sandblasting, hydro scrub ...

La Villa :
Construction and renovation of high-tech

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   Qualifications : QUALIBAT 2111, 2151, 1331, 2183, 2194, 3101, 3113 et 3122.

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